People visiting the Madurai Meenakshi Temple sit around a huge water pond and relax - Tamil Nadu, South India

A floating shop of spiritual trinkets, Varanasi, India

The Taj Mahal is breathtaking to behold in person -- even more stunning than in photos!

Photo Gallery - Pilgrimages to India

A serene view at our ayurvedic spa resort looks like a painting but is real!

Lovely cottage at our Kerala spa where we are surrounded by peace, birds, and the sound of the ocean

Women from a village in Rajasthan, North India stand in line at Kanyakumari the southern-most tip of India to board a ferry for the Vivekananda Rock Memorial and a sacred underground meditation cave.  They looked colorful in their traditional dress and were very friendly even though all communication was through smiling since they spoke a local dialect and we spoke English.  As the only foreigners in line, we probably looked as unusual to them, as they did to us!

Beautiful flowers for sale to be offered at a temple

People gather to bathe and pray at the Ganges River, Varanasi, India

Local pottery of Jaipur, North India

One of the amazing handmade houseboats we take through the backwaters of Kerala, South India -- It is always relaxing and peaceful to cruise along the canals and witness the village life.

Sandals, anyone? In a hot country, there are plenty of sandals  to buy in tons of styles and colors!

Schoolgirls in their matching uniforms visit the Trichy Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Tamil Nadu

Enjoying the Kalahasti Temple at night and meeting some very kind swaminis (female priests).

Farmers hitching a ride to the city!

India Innersearch Ambassador Program:

Spiritual, Cultural & Health Pilgrimages to India

Meeting an elephant at a beautiful sanctuary in the forests of Kerala, South India

Relaxing cottages where we stay at the Ayurvedic spa on the beach - Kerala, South India

Children in line at Kanyakumari.  Girls wear the traditional jasmine flowers in their hair.